-We provide you a whole house as an accommodation.
Please enjoy your stay in thatched roof farmhouses of a remote region in random styles.

-During your stay, you will be free to go out without curfew.
We adopt a method of automatically locked system (enter an identification number when you go in and out.). You don't need to collect a key at the check-in counter.

-The accommodation is an old thatched farmhouse.
Although it is a pleasant old house, it is equipped the most advanced features, such as a bathroom, air conditioning, linen towels, floor heating and so on. We are sure that you will have a relaxed comfortable time during stay.

-We also provide cooking utensils, Induction Heating (IH) and basic condiments,
such as salt, pepper, soy sauce, oil and sugar, in our lodgings. In addition, it is possible for visitors to cook for themselves with preparing ingredients beforehand.

-If visitors hope to be served a meal, we can prepare it in various ways at additional cost. Please consult with us about a menu and method at the time of booking.

-We also offer an experience program and a guided tour during your stay in Iya Valley. If you have some questions, please feel free to contact us in advance. In addition, we would welcome the accommodation plan from you.

There is some information for visitors to understand before staying in the hamlet of Ochiai in Iya Valley.
It is about the current natural environment around Iya Valley.

We provide artificially-produced equipments inside the farmhouses,
but we can’t change the environment around Iya Valley to make the ideal accommodation.
The people living there still continue to coexist together in old-fashioned way.
At the same time, the visitors have also to take over this role during the stay.

As for stay in Iya Valley, we would like visitors to understand of the following.

-There are very few shops to purchase some food and daily necessaries around Iya Valley.
We recommend for visitors to buy them before coming here.

-We always keep a tea, Japanese tea and a bottle of mineral water except for alcohol in the houses.
If visitors drink in the houses, please purchase beforehand.

-Our lodgings in the hamlet of Ochiai in East Iya Valley are located at the edge of the winding lane in the deep mountain.
If visitors do not drive on a daily basis, please make sure to use a taxi.
If visitors need it, please consult with us about the arrangement.

-We recommend visitors to drive themselves, because there is very few transportation to get Iya Valley.
We have parking spaces for "Fusho (浮生)", a three-minute walk away, and the others, in front of lodgings.

-There are some gas stations in Iya Valley, but they will be closed to business occasionally.
If you are motoring, please make sure that how the fuel level is.

-Our lodgings are located in very mountainous area and easily influenced by a downpour.
We usually use water from a mountain for drinking water.
As regards particular water, continual rain may make tap water cloudy.
In which case, please be forewarned that we might refuse accommodation due to a malfunction of our facilities that is impossible for visitors to stay.

-There are some wild dangerous animals, a monkey, deer, pit viper and boar around here.
Although they don't have potential for harm, please be careful that some mosquitoes, moth and insects kind might come into the lodgings.

-Payment for accommodation, meal prices and other optional tours is required in advance at the check-in counter.

-No pets allowed.

Attention for winter ( December-March ) of accommodation on.
From the beginning of December, this has chances of snowing. In the case of heavy snowing or bad weather that we cannot ensure the safeties of guests staying here, we may cancel reservations based on our judgments.

And, we cannot provide alternate accommodations. We are sorry to explain those potential negative factors for winter season. If you can understand all those conditions, please keep reading below and confirm your reservation.

The Iya of winter , snow piled up many often. It is also where a lot of hills Slim steep terrain. Please come with four-wheel drive vehicle with a studless tire or chain.

※ If you have any questions on accommodations, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone and inquiry form.