The accommodation is located in the hamlet of Ochiai in Iya.
It is a settlement on the cliff which has a difference in height of up to 390 meters from its highest to lowest points.
Even now, the old folk houses which were built from the middle to the late of the Edo period have poised on the cliff sparsely.

These old houses have unique room layout and structure, and also they provide excellent views of combined with undulating local roads in the village,
cultivated land and spread stone walls.

It has been selected as Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings (IPDHB)
for the contribution toward the scarcity of this historical area in 2005.

Ochiai has been prosperous in agriculture throughout the year.
Even now, the people are self-sufficient and grow their own lots of food,
such as "Soba" (buckwheat), "Goshiimo"(potato), chinese cabbage, radish, tea and so on,
in the fields on a steep valley in the mountains.

Iya River runs on the south side of the settlement. There are lots of typical local cuisines in Iya. They are fished "Amego"(river fish), "Dekomawashi", which is grilled miso-rubbed "Goshiimo", "tofu", "konnyaku" on skewer over a charcoal, and soupy soba rice instead of white rice.

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