We prepare the following types of meals in various ways for visitors.
We also make arrangement for the meals based on requests from visitors at the time of the booking.

The meals which are prepared mainly with local ingredients are simple, family-like, and moreover, on the table in Iya Valley area.

Does anyone want to have local dishes which are getting used to the local people (especially elderly women) in Iya Valley? The menu is centered around dishes on the table in Iya.

This menu is not a lesson. A local woman is coming to your place to cook dinner for you. She bring almost cooked ingredients, so it takes about from 30min to 1hour.

That's why you have to check-in before 4pm.

There are some restaurants around the lodgings. They have been providing local dishes with unique ingredients for many years to the people visiting to the Ochiai hamlet of Iya Valley.
In this menu, we will provide the hot ready-made local dishes and deliver them to the lodgings.
Please enjoy the taste of Iya in a relaxed atmosphere of lodgings.

※The lodging's meal prices for adults (adult of 12 years over) are as above stated and for under 12 years old children are half.