Original programs in mountain village town of Togenkyo Iya.
This is information about the experience-based program and the arrangement for guide in around Iya area.
All of these are the original programs which everybody can experience the life itself in Togenkyo Iya Valley.
We'd appreciate it if you will consider joining for these programs when you stay here.

The land of Iya, which has lots of mountain passes, adjusts to grow "Soba" (buckwheat), not to rice field. The land gives a fragrant and good-quality soba in Iya. The soba is one of the representative products.
The features of the soba are thick and short each. It is by reason that people rarely use extra flour when they make soba. Even now, many of the families in Iya make soba at home with buckwheat grown by themselves.
In this program, participants can actually make soba with using old tools in the garden of near resident in the hamlet of Ochiai.
Genuinely, they have an experience with making soba noodle and eat hot ready-made on site. And also, they can bring extra noodle back home as a souvenir.

Required time;1 and half hours

Experience fee15,000 JPY for group (including tax)
※Please make a payment in cash (Japanese Yen) with your room charge at the check-in counter.

The hamlet of Ochiai is on a cliff with a difference in height of up to 390 meters from its highest to lowest points. Even now, the old folk houses which were built from the middle to the late of the Edo period poise on the cliff. These houses have unique room layout and structure, and also provide excellent views of combined with undulating local roads, cultivated land and spread stone walls in the village.
In 2005, it has been selected as Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings (IPDHB) for the contribution toward the scarcity of this historical area.
In this program, participants are out for a stroll around Ochiai settlement with the members of IPDHB who live in there

Required time;About 1 hour
Guide fee;4,000 JPY for group. (including tax)

※Please join with walk able shoes because there are many rough roads.
※We apologize in advance for cancellation a tour at our own judgment in the event of rain.
※Please make a payment in cash (Japanese Yen) with your room charge at the check-in counter. We'll promptly refund all your paid money, if a tour is canceled by bad weather.